"weeknights are on Fiv'r"

Channel 5 is the channel featured on Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

List of programs on Channel 5

  • Brule's Rules with Dr. Steve Brule
  • Channel 5 Married News with Jan & Wayne Skylar
  • Channel 5 Looking at Films
  • Channel 5 Burps
  • Channel 5 Shopping Indoors
  • Channel 5 Zits
  • Child Showcase
  • Kid's Break
  • Kitty Cat Man
  • Quall of Duty
  • The New You
  • The Snuggler
  • Tragg's Trough
  • Tuesday Afternoon Movie
  • Uncle Muscles Hour
  • Mass for Shut-ins
  • Check It Out With Dr. Steve Brule

Channel 5 specials

Muscles For Bones

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