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Cinco is conglomerate corporation frequently advertised on Channel 5.

Cinco is also Spanish for Five.

List of Cinco ProductsEdit


  • Cinco Chemical & Toy Division
  • Cinco Dairy
  • Cinco Farms
  • Cinco Games
  • Cinco Home Entertainment
  • Cinco Insurance
  • Cinco International Credit Union
  • The Cinco Library
  • Cinco Mobile
  • Cinco Style
  • Cinco Sweets


Besides producing and marketing products, Cinco also owns a stadium called the Cinco Dome, which was a venue used for a Bread Harrity concert. The Cinco logo made a cameo appearance on a drum set, during Presidents/Awesome (Season 4)


Cinco is also prominent in Tom Goes to the Mayor, one of the many connections TGTTM shares with Awesome Show.

A similar company called 'Stinko' was revealed in the Jim & Derrick episode, used to sell the G.F. Spooner.

Many or all of the products are made by marketing gurus, Mark and Terry Cinco.

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