"David Dehaas is a piece of shit.. No question about it. Why is he alive?" Dipkin 2:1

Larry is Dick Henderson's Friend Who Also works in the same office as him and Carol. They were good friends and Mr.Henderson would seek affirmation from Larry on how much everybody hated Carol. 

After Mr.Henderson plays a private video by Carol intended for only Dick's eyes in front of the whole office during a meeting, Larry goes over the line by telling Carol "If she were to act like that around him he would chop her up into little pieces" and who breaks a coffee mug on carols head after Mr Henderson Throws Coffee in her face, and who Mr Henderson Quote tells "I LOVE YA BUDDY BUT YA BLEW IT"

Larry goes fishing by himself after Mr.Henderson cancels a trip they had been planning for months for Carol. He is unsuccessful in catching any fish and sings about "He doesn't know what what to do, his best friend left him for a piece of cunt. Don't go telling him everything will be alright.. he doesn't know if he will make it through the night." He proceeds to end his fishing trip and stab a picture of Carol and Henderson repeatedly before returning to business as usual, until he saw the couple publicly heavily flirting in the office. He snaps..

Unfortunately for Larry, he prematurely ended his life via 22. Larry's madness reached new highs as his hatred for Henderson and Carol grew. He shot them both and proceeded to take his own life, not knowing that Carol and Henderson were wearing bulletproof vests for unspecified reasons.