Season 2
The Second Season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! ran from November 18th, 2007 to January 27th, 2008 on Adult Swim.


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No. Image Title Airdate Code
1 S2E1Vacation "Vacation" November 18, 2007 201
Casey's fate is revealed from the previous seasons finale. Eric returns from vacation with a video created by his new best friend, Raz, detailing their exploits, but instigates awkward jealousy from Tim.
2 S2E2DadsOff "Dad's Off" November 25, 2007 202
Drama ensues when Eric has to compete for his children's respect, against the coolness of the Heidecker family. Spagett attempts to spook people on his hidden camera show, and David Liebe Hart sings his love for one of his puppets.
3 S2E3Forest "Forest" * December 16, 2007 203
Tim is attacked by a creature while taking nature photos, and must be rescued by a mysterious man known only as "The Snuggler". We are introduced to Greg, a man whose petite feet that are often confused with the sound of a ladies.
4 S2E4Dolls "Dolls" * December 2, 2007 204
Tim and Eric check out the new line of dolls to promote the show, but there is something wrong with Tim's doll. The Beaver Boys are rushed to the emergency room when the level of shrimp in their systems becomes dangerously high.
5 S2E5Coma "Coma" * December 9, 2007 205
Tim announces he's having a birthday party on Saturday and Eric is invited. Cinco advertises their new doll called "My New Pep-Pep", Jeff Goldblum promotes "Wait Mate", which allows you to sleep through waiting periods.
6 S2E6Robin "Robin" * January 6, 2008 207
Eric gives Tim his own Robin Williams as a gift that soon proves to be out of control. The Cinco Library advertises their new Encyclopedia of Numbers, and Richard Dunn hosts his own talk show "DUNNGEON".
7 S2E7Carol "Carol" * December 23, 2007 206
Carol's boss taunts her and screens a private sexy video tape intended for his eyes only. Cinco advertises their new edible toy product "Candy Tails", and Glen Tennis peddles "Crystal Shyps" novelty items on Shopping Indoors.
8 S2E8Innernette "Innernette" January 13, 2008 208
"The Innernette" is released, Cincos new product which packs all of the Internet onto one tiny CD-ROM. The Jeff GoldBluMan Group makes a presentation, and a new method of making art using your house cat is introduced.
9 S2E9Pepperoni "Pepperoni" January 20, 2008 209
In the documentary "Breadheads", two middle-aged mothers are obsessed with a children's singer. K.J Nutt hosts the show "Hobby Holes", and Tim and Eric make a jingle for actor Tom Skerritt.
10 S2E10Embarrassed "Embarrassed" January 27, 2008 210
Eric shares a naked baby picture of Tim with the audience. Angry and humiliated, Tim later confronts Eric in the parking lot, which leads to a violent confrontation. Dr. Steve Brule reports on the latest trends from the region's hottest vineyards.
Note: A * indicates episodes that were originally aired out of their intended order according to Adult Swims website.


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