Season 3
The Third Season of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! ran from July 27th to September 28th, 2008 on Adult Swim.


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No. Image Title Airdate Code
1 S3E1Resurrection "Resurrection" July 27, 2008 301
The third season begins as Tim inherits a gift from the grave - creating porcelain tiger statues out of thin air. and The two start a business capitalizing on Tim's special gift, and Dr. Brule helps advertise a Panini Press.
2 S3E2Chan "Chan" August 3, 2008 302
Channel 5 celebrates 100 years of Jackie Chan! Frustrations are revealed on Quilting with Will, Steve Mahanahan advertises a child clown training video, and A rat-tailed Tim carries on an illicit sexual romance with Eric's wife.
3 S3E3Rascals "Rascals" August 10, 2008 303
Bob Odenkirk tries to fix Tim and Eric's relationship after Tim kills Eric's rascal. Cinco introduces the Cinco-Fone, and Tairy Greene teaches a child acting class.
4 S3E4Spagett "Spagett" August 17, 2008 304
Spagett goes Hollywood with the help of Steven Spielberg in a very Indiana Jones-like film, a friendship is threatened, and love is not always hard.
5 S3E5CORBS "C.O.R.B.S" August 24, 2008 305
The C.O.R.B.S. attempt to stop a group of Colombian terrorists trying to take over a sugar factory. Grill Vogel teaches how to hug appropriately in a workplace, and the Cinco Eye Tanning System is advertised.
6 Jimderrick "Jim and Derrick" August 31, 2008 306
Jim and Derrick board, chug, and get chill with Elisha Cuthbert in the zone. Also featuring Bradley Needlehead announcing he's crazy on a viral video, "You've been bonged!", and damn... Drez plays it all back.
7 S3E7Jazz "Jazz" September 7, 2008 307
Tim and Eric lead their jazz band through jazz chatter scats. The Beaver Boys visit a restaurant and come into contact with some shrimp and white wine. How do you truly clean up after your cat? Maria Bamford has the answer.
8 S3E8MusclesBones "Muscles for Bones" September 14, 2008 308
A Channel 5 Live broadcast special of the "Muscles for Bones" benefit for Richard Dunn. Starring Richard Dunn, David Liebe Hart, Casey and his Brother, Uncle Muscles, Steve Brule and more!
9 S3E9Larry "Larry" September 21, 2008 309
Larry gets jealous of Mr. Henderson and Carol's relationship. Also, "Burps" with Tim & Eric, Tairy Greene's acting class, and Bobby Stoans performance on the Channel 5 Child Showcase.
10 S3E10Brownies "Brownies" September 28, 2008 310
Tim's mother makes homemade brownies, inciting a fatuous binge that culminates in a dream of Brownie Mountain. Richard Dunn hosts "Shot Dunn", and Dr. Steve Brule explains stomach doubling.


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  • This is the only season in the series to have all of its episodes aired in the intended order.

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